NATCON Bid Season: : Sept 3, 2018 - Sept 10, 2018

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The JCI movement in the Philippines has, since 1955, maintained its glorious tradition of rewarding excellence that continues to shine until this day. To recognize and honor outstanding achievement in pursuance of the purposes of Junior Chamber by local organization and individual members, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines has instituted a formal system of granting awards and recognition.


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JCIP Awards Manual 2018

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To the men and women of JCI Philippines who have voluntarily offered time, talent and resources to uplift communities in the country, MABUHAY KAYONG LAHAT!

This year, I have been a witness to the countless projects that were implemented in various places by JCI Local Organizations. I have seen how you’ve shown compassion for our fellowmen and how you have better yourselves as individuals. You have touched lives and have encouraged one another.

The JCIP Awards System seeks to recognize your hardwork. We came up with a Bids and Awards System that has considered your recommendations and suggestions with the hope that this will be more effective and efficient.

Goodluck to the soon-to-be awardees of this year’s AreaCon and NatCon.

Let us all Aspire to Inspire together!

JCI Sen. Ray Felix C. Rafols
2018 JCIP National President

In all the years I have spent being a member and officer of the Junior Chamber International Philippines, I have seen men and women who have tirelessly worked for the common good of the community. And though they have not sought attention nor craved for merit for the dedication they have manifested in their various projects, it is but fitting that they be given encouragement to fuel their passion for service even more. Thus, the Awards System of JCI.

This year, our goal is to make our Bids and Awards Program more organized, more systematic and less taxing for everybody. We hope to build up on the integrity of each and every award. We also seek to further ensure fair, insightful and discerning judging of bids. With the dynamic participation and cooperation of each and every JCI member in the country, we are positive that we will have a productive and meaningful “Awards” experience.

It is my prayer, too, that this year’s awards not only recognize our efforts for community building but also inspire others to embrace active citizenship as an agent of positive change.

My warmest congratulations to all our 2018 AreaCon and NatCon awardees in JCI Philippines! Aspire to Inspire and Be Better altogether! God bless!

2018 National Awards Chairperson


  • May 15 - July 21, 2018

    Bidding for Area Conference

    May 15, 2018: Start of Editing, Uploading of Bids for Area Conferences

    May 15 - June 8, 2018: Judge Nomination for AreaCon

    July 21, 2018: Bidding closes for Area Conference

  • July 23 - August 11, 2018


    July 23, 2018: Start of Judging for Area Conference Bids

    August 11, 2018: End of Judging for Area Conference Bids

  • August 31 - September 3, 2018

    Area Conference

    Area 1
    Area 2
    Area 3
    Area 4
    Area 5

  • September 3 - September 10 , 2018

    Bidding for National Convention

    September 3, 2018: Start of Editing, Uploading of Bids for National Convention

    September 10, 2017: Bidding closes for National Convention

  • September 11 - September 17, 2018


    September 11, 2018: Start of Judging for JCIP National Awards (Temiong awards)

    September 17, 2018: End of Judging for JCIP National Awards (Temiong Awards)

  • October 4, 2018

    National Convention

    2018 JCIP Temiong Awards

  • Road

Awards 2018 Committee

Norianne Lou S. Frondoza

National Awards Chair

Richard C. Paras(JCI Dagupan Bangus)

Area 1 Awards Chair

Randolph D. Pilapil(JCI Baras)

Area 2 Awards Chair

Lhen Muralla Kempiz (JCI General Trias Katipunan)

Area 3 Awards Chair

Hazel L. Helmuth-Vega(JCI WoMandaue)

Area 4 Awards Chair

Richmond Anthony Riain Alfonso(JCI Kagayhaan Gold)

Area 5 Awards Chair

2018 JCIP Temiong Awardees

Given during the 2017 JCIP Temiong Awards Ceremony.
Source: 2017 JCIP National Awards Committee

Major Awards

Most Outstanding JCI Project Chairman
JCI Davao, Inc.
Chairman Steve Laurence Arquiza
Most Outstanding JCI Senator
JCI Naguilian Basi
JCI Senator Kit Ordinado: “ TheActivirific Senator KIT”
Most Outstanding JCI Trainer
JCI Davao, Inc.
Trainer Mox: Exemplar of JCI Values and Active Citizenship
Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project
JCI Imus Wagayway
MY WORLD CARAVAN: JCI Imus Wagayway Inter-organizational Collaboration Project
Best Local Community Empowerment Program
JCI Legazpi
Donate a Yero, Be a Hero
Best Local Global Goals Project
JCI Legazpi Dawani
iBuild for the Future: Construction of the 2-Classroom SPED Center at Banquerohan Elementary School
Best Local Growth & Development Program
JCI Manila
University of Leaders
Best Local Peace Project
JCI Manila
Schools of Peace
Best Local Personal Skill Development Program
JCI Manila
Project Opportunities
Best Long-term Local Community Program
JCI Manileña
The Happyland Project
Most Outstanding Member
JCI Davao, Inc.
Louel "WEWE" B. Zambrano - " WE Connect , WE Collaborate"
Most Outstanding New Local Organization
JCI Vigan
We've Only Just VIGAN!
Most Outstanding New Member
JCI Manila
JCI Member Paul Andrew Tan "PASSION FOR ACTION"
Award for Assistance to the Handicapped
JCI Manila
GOLDEN HEART: Unlocking the possible for PWDs
Best Civic Involvement Programs
JCI Manila
Disaster Responders' Challenge Program
Best Cultural Affairs Program
JCI Lipa
Tatag Lipeno 2017
Best Environment Development Program
JCI Manila
S.E.A.L. of Life (Sea, Environment, Air and Land)
Best Fund Raising Program
JCI Manila
JCI MANILA F.U.S.E. (Funds Utilized for Sustainability and Empowerment)
Best International Development Program
JCI Batangas Caballero
20 Years of Strong Brotherhood and Friendship: JCI Batangas Caballero and JCI Gimcheon
Best JCI Local Organization Publication
JCI Manila
Asian Pearl
Best JCI Local Organization Web Site
JCI Legazpi
The JCI Legazpi Portal: Responsive, Informative and Functional
Best Public Health Program
JCI Daet Kabihug
A.N.G.E.L. Bihug
Best Public Relations Program
JCI Manila
Run For The Mountains
Best Sports Development Program
JCI Kagayhaan Gold
The 2nd JCI Kagayhaan Gold Cup Dragonboat Competition: Paddle for Peace, Friendship, and Unity
Best Youth Activities Program
JCI Manila
EDUCATE. MOTIVATE. DEDICATE. (E.D.M.): Tune in to the right track
Education For Peace Award
JCI Manila
Kawal Ko Mahal Ko
Most Outstanding JCI Local Organization Award (Cat 1)
JCI Manila
Most Outstanding JCI Local Organization Award (Cat 2)
JCI Womandaue
JCI WoMandaue: Forged Like Iron; Versatile As A Wood
Most Outstanding JCI Local Organization Award (Cat 3)
JCI Cebu Mactan Channel
When Heroes Learn To Fly: 2017 JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel., Inc.
Outstanding JCI Local Organization President (Cat1)
JCI Manila
Outstanding JCI Local Organization President (Cat2)
JCI Zamboanga
"So Fine At 69" : Dolph Saavedra, JCI Zamboanga, Inc.
Outstanding JCI Local Organization President (Cat3)
JCI Daraga
Asia-Pacific Development Council Training Program Award
JCI Manila
STAR Program: Limitless Training
Best JCI Week Celebration
JCI Baguio Sunflower
12 Years by the Creed and with the Creed
Best JCIP Area Convention Award
JCI Puerto Princesa Kiao
"BRINGING YOU THE ISLAND LIFE" (37th Southern Luzon Area Conference)
Most Outstanding JCI Family
JCI Daet Kabihug
Three Decades of Carranceja Family
Best Local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program)
JCI Manila
Ramon V. Del Rosario Award for Nation Building
Best Local Economic Development Program
JCI Zamboanga
"Rebelde Noon, Magsasaka Ngayon" : A Seaweeds Propagation Program vs Hunger (Year 3)

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