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Got Heart




Got Heart was a Local Organization project of JCI Cainta under 2014 President/ 2016 Regional Vice President Voltaire Mendoza. It was adopted as an Area Program in 2014 under AVP Richard Marinas. Since then, every year, the Metro Area Local chapters collaborate to provide health care, and make a bigger impact in the underprivileged communities. The project was later on adopted and approved by the 2016 National Board as a National Program.





1. Conductmedical,dentalandsurgicalmissionstounderprivilegedcommunities.

2. Providemedicalassistanceprogramtotheunderprivilegedcommunities.

3. ImproveHealthandWellnessEducationoftheunderprivilegedcommunities.


Below is the list of activities that can help serve as guideline in implementation of the project.


Suggested Activities

Medical Mission

  • General check-up
  • Laboratory Examinations • X-Ray

Dental Mission

  • Dental check-up
  • Proper Oral Hygiene
  • Distribution of free toothbrush and toothpaste

Surgical Mission

  • Circumcision
  • Minor/ Major Surgeries

Eye Check up

  • Eye screening and check-up
  • Distribution of reading and prescription eye glasses


  • Distribution of over the counter medicines and other health care needs.

Health Education

  • Health awareness talk and counselling
  • Family Planning
  • Proper Nutrition


Project Banner

Local Organizations should ensure that at least one (1) tarpaulin/banner for the project highlighting JCI Philippines as project implementer, together with the logos of chaptersmain sponsors/partners. (Please refer to the attachments in the Circular for the Got Heart Banner Template)



It is highly recommended to implement this National Program in two waves.

First run will serve as training and learning ground particularly for new members to be done on 2nd quarter of the year (April to June 2017).

Second run will provide collaboration opportunity for chapters to work together, improve previous implementation and execute project at higher scale to be done on 3rd quarter (July to September)



The Local Organization shall communicate with thelocal municipality or barangayswithin their area to discuss planned programs and assess the health needs of the community.



The Local Organization are requested to take photos and or videos (in coordination with city or municipal jails, subject to security policies) and share it to in the Local Organization’s website or Facebook pages to inspire other chapters to activate the program and to create awareness on impact of National Project.

When feasible, testimonies from the beneficiaries, partners and JCI members on their experience about the project are also encouraged.



The Local Organization are required to submit their project completion report by within Fifteen (15) days after the National Project was implemented to the JCIP National Secretariat, copy furnished the National Chairperson: lengzkie24@gmail.com and respective Area Chairs


1. Area1–Elaine Jucutan, JCI Naguilian Basi

2. Area2–Dra. Emy Cua, JCI Makati Princess Urduja

3. Area3–Shenana Estella Lim,JCI Naga Carinosa

4. Area4- To Be Confirmed

5. Area5– To Be Confirmed



LOs who will fail to submit or with incomplete reports such as lack of pictures and other supporting documents will not be given JCIPEA points. (Please refer to the attachments in the Circular for the PCR Form)






5 points for Got Heart project implemented in August 2017. Maximum of 2 Got Heart

for JCIPEA scoring

Organize an ACF Project to promote Got Heart; Maximum of 2 projects.

Implemented in August 2017

3 points for Got Heart project implemented in any other months; Maximum of 2 Got Heart for JCIPEA scoring

Organize an ACF Project to promote Got Heart; Maximum of 2 projects.

Implemented in any other month



Program Updates

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