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Beyond Prison Walls




It all started in 2002, when JCIP National President Mabel Mamba made a formal courtesy call to 1st JCIP National President Amb. Ramon Del Rosario, Sr. at his PHINMA office. At that time, Del Rosario was the Vice-Chair of Caritas Manila. He shared about the deplorable conditions of the inmates that he regularly visit and explore how JCI can help.


Following the concept from the NP Amb. Ramon Del Rosario and under the leadership of NP Mabel, JCI Philippines volunteered to initiate a program for the correctional community (“People Behind Bars”) based on the principles of balanced and restorative justice namely: 1. Human Rights Advocacy to the accused 2. Sports, Cultural and Educational Programs 3. Livelihood Programs/ Projects. This then gave birth to “Beyond Prison Walls”.


The very first project involved a visitation to the inmates of Navotas City Jail where the late National PresidentAmb. Del Rosario Sr. was the guest of honor and speaker. The first National Chairman was Randy Manaloto of JCI Manila.




  1. To contribute to the improvement to the life quality at the prison cells
  2. To provide a holistic approach that will help in the rehabilitation and reformation of the inmates
  3. To provide access to justice especially those who are under detention an undergoing trials.
  4. To provide training and development to new JCI members by allowing them conducting the tested National Programs of JCI Philippines


Below is the list of activities that can help serve as guideline in implementation of the project.

Area of Concern

Suggested Activities

Provide access to justice

• Free Legal assistance /counseling

Economic assistance

  • Conduct technical training
  • Livelihood projects in cooperation with municipaljails
  • Create opportunities to support products madeby inmates, possibly identify distribution points

Contribute in the improvement of quality of life

• Donation of facilities as may be identified by city or municipal jails

• Feeding

Health Assistance

  • Conduct dental and medical mission,
  • Maternal health care for pregnant inmates

Sports and Recreation

  • Donation of sports equipment
  • Conduct sports training or sponsor a sports fest • Conduct aerobic or Zumba class for femaleinmates

Mental / Psychological

• Stress debriefing • Counseling


• Provide assistance to inmates enrolled at Alternative Learning System

• Financial and educational assistance to children of inmates


• Spiritual/Values formation and training of inmates


• Depends on actual needs of inmates after initial survey



Project Banner

Local Organizations should ensure that at least one (1) tarpaulin/banner for the project highlighting JCI Philippines as project implementer, together with the logos of chapters main sponsors/partners. (Please refer to the attachments in the Circular for the BPW Banner Template)



It is highly recommended to implement this National Program in two waves.

First run will serve as training and learning ground particularly for new members to be done on 2nd quarter of the year (April to June 2017).

Second run will provide collaboration opportunity for chapters to work together, improve previous implementation and execute project at higher scale to be done on 3rd quarter (July to September)



The Local Organization shall communicate with the City or Municipal Warden within their area to discuss planned programs and assess the needs of the inmates.



The Local Organization are requested to take photos and or videos (in coordination with city or municipal jails, subject to security policies) and share it to in the Local Organization’s website or Facebook pages to inspire other chapters to activate the program and to create awareness on impact of National Project.

When feasible, testimonies from the beneficiaries, partners and JCI members on their experience about the project are also encouraged.




The Local Organization are required to submit their project completion report by within Fifteen (15) days after the National Project was implemented to the JCIP National Secretariat, copy furnished the National Chairperson – michelle_endaya@ymail.com and respective Area Chairs

1. Area1: Jayson Chan, JCI Candon Gold Leaf  jaysongohan@yahoo.com

2. Area2: Jester Manarang, JCIMalolos jestermanarang2014@gmail.com

3. Area3: Soc Arellano, JCI Batanga Caballero socarellano@yahoo.com

4. Area4: To be confirmed

5. Area5: Ruby Carrillo, JCI Panguil Bay rubycarrillo@gmail.com







LOs who will fail to submit or with incomplete reports such as lack of pictures and other supporting documents will not be given JCIPEA points. (Please refer to the attachments in the Circular for the PCR Form)




5 points for every BPW; Maximum of 2 BPW
for JCIPEA scoring

Served at least 50 inmates

Implemented between April 1 to June 30, 2017 Project completion report submitted on or before July 15, 2017

3 points per chapter for every BPW; Maximum of 2 BPW for JCIPEA scoring

Served at least 100 inmates

Implemented between
July 1 to September 30, 2017 Project completion report submitted on or before October 4, 2017
Participated by at least two (2) chapters

5 points per chapter for Area
or Regional Hosting
min. 2 to max 4 chapters co-hosting

for Area or Regional Hosting,

Served at least 100 inmates

Implemented between
July 1 to September 30, 2017 Project completion report submitted on or before October 4, 2017
Participated by at least two chapter, maximum 4 chapters



Program Updates

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