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Bags for School


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The 2014 National Board of JCI Philippines under the leadership of JCI Senator Maria Christine Garcia was inspired by the joint project of JCI San Juan Pinaglabanan led by Nok Atienza and JCI Singapore Marina which started in 2010. BTS was proposed as a National Flagship program during the 2014 NB Special planning in Iloilo (Oct 2013). It was approved during the 1st NB of 2014 under the leadership of then National President Christine Garcia.


In 2016, exactly 10,096 school bags with supplies have been distributed. This was accomplished by 82 JCIP LOs through 131 project implementations. JCIP LOs were able to execute Bag to School even if we were not able to push through in partnering with corporate sponsors for the national project. Every participating LO took charge of fund raising and soliciting for their own sponsors in order to implement BTS for their beneficiary communities.
What is even more notable is how many local organization shelled out their own resources in terms of time and money just to reach out far flung communities that need educational assistance most. These LOs and its members must be commended for exemplifying service to humanity, beyond what is expected of them.
Another notable milestone for BTS is how it many implementations throughout the Philippines were accomplished as inter-LO collaboration and Twinning projects. LOs help each other to create lasting impact in the lives of Filipino students while creating a lasting bond among JCI members from various LOs.
BTS program champions like JCI Senator Marilyn Manansala of JCI San Juan Pinaglabanan, 2015 National Chairman, has been helpful in securing corporate sponsors for the inter-organization project “Amara Love Bag to School Tour” which has assisted various local organizations in implementing the BTS.
BTS continues to be a national project that promotes members to be active and stay active, and brings hope and inspiration to the younger generation to be productive and become the future active citizens.




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