A round of congratulations are in order for our world class members and chapters of JCI Philippines who gave us pride during this years’ JCI World Congress held at Kanazawa Japan!
– 2014 NP Christine Garcia for leading the 101 Project as Best National Flagship Program in the world.
– 2016 NP Steve Tycanco for leading JCI Manila to be the Best LOM and also the Best Local Growth and Development Program in the world;
– JCI Imus Wagayway led by 2014 Pres Johnny Montalan for bagging the Best New LOM in the World;
– 2015 Pres Steve Baltao and PRVP Red Erfe-Mejia who were appointed as members of 2016 JCI World Sponsorship Committee
– 2015 NSG Chris Camba who was appointed as 2016 World Training Commissioner for Asia Pacific
– 2015 NP Brian Lim who was elected as 2016 JCI Vice President for Asia Pacific
Again, congratulations to all of you! Thank you for giving us pride and joy to be a part of JCI Philippines!
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Congratulations to JCI Manila, 2014 LO President and 2016 National President Steve Allen Tycangco, 2015 LO President Steve Baltao, and the rest of the JCI Manila members for winning the Most Outstanding Local Organization and Most Outstanding Local Growth and Development Program awards during the recent JCI World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan!

Congratulations to NP Christine Garcia, NP Brian Lim, NC Danielle Lee, and the rest of the people behind Project 101 for winning the Best National Flagship Program during the recently concluded JCI World Congress in Kanawaza, Japan.
It’s exactly two years ago today since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. In its aftermath, JCI Philippines sprung to action and conducted several activities relating to JCI’s Stages of Development.
NP Christine shares with The Leader Publication – JCI Philippines that this award is offered to the families of the victims.



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